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Author: Brennan Williams

Ways To Keep Bugs Away

Since land is common territory for all beings, and there are no possible ways to build an insect repellent soil, developing feasible solutions to this matter is a must. While most of the invasions happen during fiery summer days, some of us are not let off not even in winter. Of course, there are well-ingrained ways of getting rid of pests out there, but the most workable solutions are toxic, and their scent lasts for a few hours.

If you’re someone who wants to tear yourself away from noxious pesticides, you might want to dive into our list of practicable alternative ways of facing the injustice bugs exert on us.

How to cope with insects intrusion 

  • use a temporary screen door – bug, mosquito, bee invasion
    Screen doors come in many forms, and the most famous models are the magnetic ones. Functionally, screen doors have most of the properties a regular door displays, except they are temporary. However, one substantial advantage of installing a screen door in an open-air space is the protection from mosquitos and other annoying insects. The market provides a sufficient number of models of all dimensions and materials so that you can opt for a suitable one for your household.
  • create a DIY repellent – bug invasion
    There are many recipes on the internet that promise instant effect on buzzing insects. While most of them have medium to no bring about, a researched option could have a great impact. For instance, oils prove quite effective a solution. A combination of vegetable oils and mild soap proves to be mortal to the most oppressive bugs. This mix has worked for many people who confronted pests in their household, however, to get to the right recipe you should test the solution and assess the results.
  • grow plants – bug invasion
    If you’ve already cultivated a pleasure for growing plants, then you should know that their utility extends to keeping insects away from your home. Pollinators and butterflies are natural gatekeepers that protect you from bugs settling at your house. Growing plants that lure bees to your place will help you out. Other vegetation that proves really effective is lemongrass or rosemary. You choose for yourself the magic anti-bug potion.
  • buy a fan – mosquito invasion
    Fans are your most trusted non-toxic ally when it comes to defending your skin and house from mosquitos. Since these fliers are weak in the air and don’t have powerful dynamics, a blowing fan will easily keep them away. An extended perk of owning a blowing machine is the constant reinvigoration of fresh cold air during scorching summer days.
  • what about a diversion? – bee invasion
    Everything we’ve exposed here consists of pretty unconventional treatments against bugs. However, this last alternative tops our endeavor. Although diversion is not long-lasting solutions, since desensitization occurs after some time, it is still an option that could save yourself from a bee jab. For instance, one thing you could do is planting a fake hive somewhere around your house, and other bees will avoid your place because they are territorial beings.